Will there be assistance available with local legalities and mortgage details?

Yes, our experienced sales team will be able to talk you through every step of the process. 

Do we have an option of financial arrangements?

Yes, financing can be obtained in St. Lucia, providing the financial institution’s requirements are met. We recommend The Bank of Nova Scotia and First Caribbean International Bank both with whom we regularly conduct business.

Will I need an attorney to finalize the sale?

Yes. We recommend McNamara & Company and Floissac Fleming & Associates, who can also assist you in obtaining an Alien Landholding License if required.

What are the payment terms to purchase?

Sea Breeze Hills & Sea Breeze Heights land sales: The fee to reserve any lots is US$5,000, to be paid within 14 days of viewing the lots. A 10% of the purchase price less the reserve fee of US$5,000 is required upon execution of the sale agreement. The remaining balance is to be paid within 90 days for non-nationals where an Alien Landholding License is required. 

What taxes are applicable when purchasing land here?

To purchase land a 2% stamp duty is required plus a non-refundable Alien Landholding License application fee of $600US. The cost of the actual License is dependent of the amount of landholding purchased. If you sell your land later on then a Vendors Tax applies at a rate of 10% of the selling price. However, if the property was originally purchased as a corporate asset then a share transfer tax of 5% applies at the time of sale.

An annual property tax on 5% of the unfurnished rental value of the property may apply and an annual rental income tax applies for those entering the rental pool. However, the developer is working with the government in an attempt to secure a ten year exemption of the rental income tax.

What happens to my property if I pass away?

Your property passes to your heirs even if they are overseas. As with all property owners it is always advisable to have a will to facilitate this process and a will from the owner’s country of domicile will be recognized in St. Lucia.

Is St. Lucia a safe place to live?

Although some crime does exist any and everywhere, St. Lucia is safer than most major cities throughout the world. However, to further ensure peace of mind Sea Breeze Hills, Sea Breeze Heights and The Pointe at Cas en Bas will be gated communities with twenty-four hour security attendants.

What is the social life in St. Lucia?

This island is a friendly place with many sporting and cultural activities available in addition to the excellent golf, all only moments away from Cap Estate East Development. From horseback riding to water sports and scuba diving to lazy days on the beach to a rigorous tennis match or hike through the rainforest, St. Lucia offers first class facilities. Enjoy the superb cuisine at one of the island’s finest restaurants or a casual drink at a local bar with new friends. Frequent art exhibits of regional artists are held in Rodney Bay and gala charity events round out the yearly social calendar. There’s as much or as little as you want to do in St. Lucia.

What is the monetary currency in St. Lucia?

St. Lucia, an independent nation with a “parliamentary style government”, along with the other nine countries of the OECS (Organization of Caribbean States) use the Eastern Caribbean Dollar or $EC which has a fixed exchanged rate to the $US at a rate of $US1 to $EC 2.70. Local banks also convert most other major currencies but at fluctuating rates.

How close are the nearest medical facilities?

Private doctor’s offices, dentists and health clinics are all located in the Rodney Bay Area. The main hospital facility for the north, Victoria Hospital, is located just south of Castries as well as the private facility of Tapion Hospital, both only 20 minutes away.

Where are the nearest police and fire stations?

Both the police and fire stations are located only 5 minutes away in Gros Islet. Dial 911 for fire and ambulance and 999 for police. A rapid response unit of the police is also stationed in this area for more immediate police emergencies.